The Smartphone

PayLive is unique. It is the only universal cardless solution for all smartphones in the market today. iPhones, or Androids, it doesn't matter. PayLive replaces the use of the physical credit cards for in-person purchases using any smartphone a buyer has with them.

Many new products in the market today, require the startup or company to educate their prospective user or client as to what this new product does, why it is important to them, why do they need it, and how it will be of use in their life. This is not the case with PayLive. People today are already buyers. They are already using credit cards to make purchases. They are very familiar with the agony of losing their cards and the cost of having them stolen. Very importantly, people are also already using their smartphones for uses other than telephone calls. Using their smartphone to pay for purchases is a natural evolution in the lives of people today. In fact, they are already doing it!

PayLive is the elegant solution for these people, who already enjoy consolidating tasks through use of their smartphone. The unique strategy of PayLive design to support all smartphones provides us the opportunity for very fast customer acceptance and rapid growth. People today are already living and breathing with their smartphones. PayLive simply improves their payment experience, using those phones!