About PayLive

PayLive is an independent software company in the payment sector of the financial industry. It is a wholly owned company by its founder, Richard Fink. PayLive is a U.S. company based in San Francisco California. It has no debt, no employees other than its founder, no partners, and beholding to no other entities.

The Founder
Richard Fink is the original founder, visionary, and creator of the PayLive Payment System. He envisioned the original product concepts, and understood its placement in the complex marketplace of the digital world. Mr. Fink did the system design and coding of the PayLive application with clear understanding of how it would be implemented operationally in the wild.

His background is deeply grounded in the technical areas of system design, large scale computing in data centers and cloud, and software development. He has extensive experience on mainframes and more currently in complex
cloud applications. His management skills include project management, with senior management experience in airline operations, the coffee industry, and the law profession.

Founder's Background
Mr. Fink co-wrote an early Disk Operating System for the IBM 1401, which was eventually sold to IBM for integration into their computer sales in India and South America. He was Director of East African Airways’ Data Center in Nairobi Kenya and co-authored their international airline reservations system (AIRS). During his time in Kenya he computerized Kenya's coffee industry, from farmer to international auction through comprehensive computerization of KPCU (Kenya Planter's Cooperative Union). Later he designed and managed the development of the country's first legal Client-Matter System (LISA) for the largest law firm in Kenya, Kaplan & Stratton.

Later, back in the U.S., during the transition period from MSDOS through Microsoft Windows 3.0 Mr. Fink authored the retail software product PrintStream, delivering unprecedented multi-tasking print capabilities to those early operating environments. He later founded WorldPassage, one of the first regional ISP’s in the San Francisco Bay Area, delivering Internet connectivity to early users of the internet. More recently Mr. Fink designed and created the iPhone app "InEmergency", sold through the Apple App Store.